From our kitchen

Samovar Store offers daily selection of freshly prepared foods. 

You can always get a bowl of our famous  red borscht and serving of cabbage rolls or traditional Uzbeki lamb pilaf.

We have a couple of tables in store where you can enjoy our food or take it to go.

Cake time

Samovar Store offers wide selection a classy European style cakes (taste meringue, egg whites, cream and chocolate! 🙂

Our cakes came from as far as Ukraine and Latvia and as close as San Francisco.

Great taste and VERY affordable prices.

Brands we sell

Haifa Smoked fish; ACME smoked fish, Pulaski meats, Alef Sausage, Belmont Sausage, Lifeway foods, Four season dairy, Roshen, Krasnaya Moskva, Santa Bremor, Udarnitsa, Veres, Belveder, Mira, Pick, Tradicii Vkusa, Akkont and many many more.

Where our grocery came from?

Samovar Store sells grocery from all around the Eastern Europa and surrounding countries: Ukraine, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Beloruss, Armenia, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Turkey,  Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, India, China, Sri Lanka, Italy as well as food produced locally.